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Redeemer by Sharkly17Shogun Redeemer by Sharkly17Shogun
Well, this started out as a dream. anyway, i was in this dream and i was a vampire-like thing, or something of a similar species(?). Yeah, so i had these little bone-wing thingys sticking out of my shoulders, which was the most prominent feature in that dream. And i killed people... lots of people.
Well, while i was immortalizing my dream on paper, it had a tendency to mutate from what i origionally had planned, so much so that when i was done, it was nothing near what i had began with. First, i added the blindfolds, cuz i hate drawing eyes... (and it turned out to be a nice touch i thought). Then i added the little horn-antenae things sticking out of HER head. Which brings us to the most prominent change, it turned from me into a her. and im not a her.
You cant really see that it is a her unless you look closely, as the breasts are flat and not good... i hate breasts... well, drawing breasts. i love them in reality, but i digress...
So i did that. i really like the effect that this turned out with, and it is one of my better people drawings ive done all oin forever. cept maybe in a previous life... but thats for a different drawing, or maybe a journal entry....
Sharkly17Shogun Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2005
demon hunters, but close-enuf!!!
ZCM Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2005
Muaahahahahahah!!! If not for me, Haley the Saviour, this picture wouldn't even be online! *evil grin thing* Ok so yeah. This is bounds better than some of your scraps, but there are a few things you could improve and you DID check advanced critiques... *more evil grin*

Well for starters, DRAW ON BLANK, I REPEAT, BLAAAAANK paper. "Gods Damn!!"

Now onto the *helpful* criticisms. Just remember if you're gonna draw boobs, they're affected by gravity too. So, if you're figure is leaning over, boobs will follow gravity. They shouldn't lay so flat on her chest if she's hunched like she is. (But you don't like drawing boobs ANYhow. XD "BOOBS ARE RETARDED!")

Numer-o dos, her arms look a little wonky. Her left shoulder (one closest to the viewer) shouldn't be so close to her back. If you want to draw it hanging like it is, draw it hunched with the rest of the figure. It seems her shoulder is drawn as if she was standing straight up.

Aside from those two things, this is really cool. I heart those wings to death, and I'm reeeeaally tempted to use similar ones in a few of my pictures. *resists* And her hair is superb-ulous. The blindfold reminds me of one of the Night Elf Heros in Warcraft III. I think they were called shadow hunters? Yeah. ok.

Yay! Put more stuff on DeviantArt!
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January 20, 2005
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